I've decided to host this event to make the creative game mode even more fun!

The task is simple, build and use your imagination to make an outstanding piece of art on your creative plot.

There will be rewards for the 5 best plots in creative and once your plot is ready you can submit it on our creative section in the forums, you must take screenshots of 5 different angles for your plot and some extra detail if you have any that is.

Top 5 Plots Prizes
• 1. 50$ Buycraft
• 2. 30$ Buycraft
• 3. 15$ Buycraft
• 4. 10$ Buycraft
• 5. 5$ Buycraft

You have 1 month to complete your plot, please note that the rewards are per plots, meaning you can have a friend combine a plot with yours and you can both build a piece of art together, then one of you decides who will get the code or alternatively you may also share it, that's not a problem.

You must submit your project on

Good luck everyone, have a nice day!
Hello people,

It's time to innovate and get more ways of earning coins and money, and this is by being afk! That's right... you can now earn coins and cash by being afk and doing nothing!

You will receive 1 coin and 15,000$ per 10 minutes, and it may not seem like a lot but think about it, you can go to the store with your family, on a reunion or anywhere and just leave your laptop turned on making you money and coins on my server, hehe sounds easy right?

Not just that but our afk system won't kick you out at all or stop you from earning rewards!

This also means that you're allowed to use a console client to join our server and become afk for hours and days if you wish to, completely allowed.
Hello people,

a new month has come, a new day has started and I'm really excited to
announce this event, because this event is what makes us as a community grow more.

Voting doesn't serve just one purpose, but two purposes! Voting doesn't only give you
an advantage in-game, but also gives Rasch Network an advantage of growing bigger.

For this month, the prizes will be different and better, not just a rank but also money for
you to spend on our store, not just prizes for 1 player, but for 5 this month!

This event will end on the day 1st April 2019

The Top 5 Prizes
• 1. Eternal Rank | 60$
• 2. 40$
• 3. 30$
• 4. 15$
• 5. 10$

The Voting Links + Cooldown 13 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours 12 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours


Good luck to everyone on this event!
Hello People,

Thanks for all the bug reports and suggestions, well here's our new set of updates, hope you guys enjoy.

Skyblock Updates
Is Unban Added

The command is unban has been finally added now
Envoys Updated
The percentages have been buffed now for better rewards
Reset Confirmation Added
A confirmation will be prompted once you reset an upgrade as suggested

Factions Updates
Potions Added In Shop

I added a potions shop now

Lobby Updates
Staff Ranks Added

Staffs have ranks on the lobby too now
Donor Ranks Added
Donors will get their ranks on the lobby too now

Global Updates
Mining Rewards Added

Receive coins for mining now, more info in announcements
Eternal Kit Update
Added pickaxes to the kit now
New Vote Fly System
You'll notice once you vote
New Vote System
You must be online on a game mode to get rewards on it now
Fixed Vote Bug
Players weren't getting their coins and fly
Hello People,

Here's our new set of updates , hope you guys enjoy and thanks for the suggestions + bug reports, etc.

Survival Updates
Spawner Shop Removed

No more spawner shop, read announcements
Saddle Added In Shop
You can purchase this in the miscellaneous
Farming Prices Increased
Wheat, Cactus, etc costs a lot more now
Mob Drops Prices Rounded
Better looking, and more clean
Changed Key To Tripwire Hook
Crate keys have been changed from blaze to tripwire now, to avoid selling by mistake

Factions Updates
Creepers Drop TNT

The percentage is a bit low, but it drops a fair amount
Villagers Drop Emeralds
The same as creepers but emeralds
Ghast Drop Diamonds
Same as above
Pigman Drop Gold Ingot
Same as above
Lobby Updates
NPCs Added

You can now use these to join the servers in the lobby

Global Updates
Ultra Kit Added

You can now purchase these on the store
Chat Reaction Feature
You can now receive 1 coin for winning the minigame every 10 minutes
Crate Percentage Updated
All misc crates have their percentages updated now
Smelt Command Added
Overlord gets access to /smelt, immortal gets access to /smeltall
Daily Reward Message Updated
Just little updates, you'll notice.
Hello People,

First of all thank you so much for all the votes, you're all amazing! To think we reached this many votes this month is fascinating.

And here are the winners for the top voter event;

The Top 5 Voters
• 1. VHS_Tape - 60$
• 2. ChatSpam - 40$
• 3. raxadwnr - 30$
• 4. meowmeow - 15$
• 5. bikalpa - 10$

Congrats to the winners, if you appear on the list then please PM me so I can give you a code to use on our store! Have fun.

Tomorrow I will start the event once again with the same prizes also! Be prepared to vote once the votes are reset tomorrow, it's gonna be announced by the way.
Hello people,

Ok so we all know Toxicity is actually allowed in my server but there's a huge exception in here! You are not allowed to be disrespectful towards a staff nor can a staff be disrespectful to you, so it's a mutual thing and a basic rule you must follow.

If you're having an issue please report it to a staff or directly to me, don't start swearing at everyone and quitting for nothing, just pm me and we'll solve it nicely and easily.

Members can in fact be toxic towards each other, that's not a problem here.
Ya'll can be racist, sexual, offensive and what ever but not towards a staff and a staff can't be neither one of those towards you as a normal member.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you're all having a great day.
Hello people,

Quite a lot of updates done here, thanks everyone for reporting them, I really appreciate the huge amount of support coming from you guys and let's keep this amazing communication so we can grow bigger as a community and a team!

❂ Skyblock Updates ❂

• Fixed Blaze Loot Bug

Blazes weren't dropping rods most of the times
• Reduced Stacker Radius
The radius for stacking loot was a bit too much, causing it to suddenly "disappear"
• 2 New Island Upgrades
I've added mob drops and crop growth upgrades, more info on the panel
• Massive Lag Fix
Turns out a jar was corrupted, causing massive lag every time
• Dupe Bug Patched
There was a duping bug with items, patched now
• Stacked Blocks Bug
Stacked blocks could be robbed by right clicking them, fixed now
• Added Normal Terracotta
I replaced the white terracotta with normal terracotta on the blocks shop

❂ Survival Updates ❂

• Patched Duping Bug

There was a duping using zombies, it's fixed now, thanks Latiya!
• Changed Keys Item
The keys have been changed from blaze rods to tripwire hooks
• Backpack + CE Upgrade Updated
You'll notice a few changes on these if you check it out

❂ Global Update ❂

• Daily Rewards Improvements

Updated the messages, the join message now tells you how long until you can claim
Daily Updates - 09/02/2019 + 10/02/2019

Many fun updates have been done here, I hope you guys enjoy them!

✶ Skyblock Updates ✶

• Updated All Messages

All the skyblock commands messages have been updated
• Removed Join/Leave Messages
You won't see people joining or leaving anymore unless...
• Added Island Members Join/Leave Notifications
You can only see the join/leave message for island members
• Island Generators Fixed
These were broken some time ago, I've managed to fix them
• Tree Animation Added
Trees will fall in a realistic way, like survival
• Dupe Bug Patched
There was a duping bug with spawners, it's patched now
• Ore Blocks Added
You can now purchase ore blocks in the ore shop
• Nether Stars Added
You can now purchase nether stars in the misc shop

✶ Global ✶

• Daily Rewards System Updated

Feel free to check out our new amazing daily rewards system, the commands are /daily or /dailyreward, and it includes cumulative rewards
• Machine rebooted + cache cleared
Reduced some lag between the game modes now, hopefully
• New Vote Links
I've added 3 new vote links, enjoy
Daily Updates - 08/02/2019

As you will notice, a lot of bugs have been fixed for skyblock!

Skyblock is pretty much in Alpha now, I just need to add quests,
edit the messages a bit more and done.

✦ Skyblock Updates ✦

• Spawn NPCs Added
These NPCs will contain various menus to guide new players
• Enchantment Shop Added
You can now buy enchants on the shop, make sure to hold an item
• Player Shops Bug Fixed
The "island is protected bug" has been fixed
• Item Frames Bug Fixed
Guests can't break empty frames anymore now
• Commands Bug Fixed
The known errors for using commands such as /is invite are fixed
• PvP Bug Fixed
You can now pvp in /warp pvp, unlike before
• Referral System Added
You can now use this to receive points and exchange them this in skyblock
• Ore Generator Buffed
The percentages for the stone were too high, so I increased the ores a lot now
• Blocks Generator Buffed
The stone has been removed from this generator, enjoy
• Help Menu Added
The menu is very similar to survival, just a few little changes.